Program Goals

The overall CORI Classroom goals include:

  • Reading comprehension; writing; science; motivation
  • Extended, engaged reading in the classroom for 60 minutes daily

General Goal

CORI aims to support:

Reading Comprehension
  • Activating background knowledge, questioning, summarizing, searching, organizing graphically, and interpreting stories.
Science Inquiry
  • Observation, using knowledge, questioning, designing investigations, collecting data, drawing conclusions, explaining results conceptually.
  • Study of science theme:
    Survival concepts (ecology): Feeding, locomotion, defense, predation, respiration, reproduction, competition, communication, adjustment to habitat.
  • Knowledge goals for reading, "hands on" experiences, interesting books, choices about the learning, collaboration with classmates.
Reading and Science Integration
  • Relating observations in "hands-on" science activities to contents and characters in literary and information books.
  • Connecting students' interests in the environment to their motivations for book reading.
Student Writing
  • Writing entries in portfolios demonstrating the following: Information text reading, literary text reading, science concepts, science processes, motivation for reading.